HOW TO: Lead a Ride

Route Planning
Route planning should start at least 3 weeks prior to the ride. This will allow for time to get the word out about the ride, which is typically done at least 2 weeks prior to the ride. The most important details to nail down are the starting point and the date and time of the ride. Route revisions can then still be made up until the day of the ride, if need be, but at least riders know where and when to show up. The Geared 4 Kids ride is from 10:30am-1:00pm on the Sunday following the 2nd Friday of the month (which is the more adult East Bay Bike Party ride).

In general, it's best to plan a route that's 4-6 miles long, with the ending and starting points being the same location. In the event schedule above, this will allow for 30 minutes of getting ready and making announcements, 30 minutes for the first half of the ride, 30 minutes for a snack/play break, and 30 minutes for the second half of the ride, leaving 30 minutes of wiggle room for route length and difficulty level. Note: It's pretty important for the parents of toddlers to be back before naptime and for other ages to be back in time for lunch, so better to finish early than late.

Day of the Ride
Plan to show up a little bit before everyone else so that you can greet them and so that folks will know they are in the right place. You may want to bring a bullhorn and wear brightly colored clothing, both for safety and identity. Other items to bring are: printed maps/rules and the sign-in/waiver sheet.

Safety Information
As much as we test the routes and make safety a priority, there are still inherent dangers in bicycling.
All riders at Geared 4 Kids events ride at their own risk.